Want to help out with projects from around the country, and develop new skills along the way?

The National Operations Team (Ops Team) brings together volunteers, new and old, to provide behind-the-scenes support for UN Youth’s different programmes nationwide.

National Scholarships Manager

We are currently seeking someone to take on the new role of National Scholarships Manager on the Operations Team. This person will play an important role implementing UN Youth’s equity strategy at a national level. Scroll to the bottom to apply!

Note: this is the only role on the National Operations Team that UN Youth is currently seeking applications for.

Role Description

The role will involve:

  • Acting as a primary point of contact in UN Youth between National Events and Māori scholarship recipients.
    • As part of this they will liaise with National Events to promote their events to Māori students and allocate scholarships.
  • Reaching out to Māori organisations and communities (mainly ones that UN Youth has engaged with in the past or has connections with) to:
    • Talk about what we do at UN Youth and the opportunities available;
    • Inform them of any funding or support available for National Events;
    • Maintain contacts and communication channels over the long term.
  • Improving continuity of relationships with Māori organisations between successive National Events.
  • More cohesive and sustainable strategy for allocating equity scholarships.
  • Expanding the capacity of the National Executive in implementing national equity initiatives.

Whanaungatanga (kinship) is a central principle within tikanga Māori and upholding this will be key to the National Scholarships Manager role. Whanaungatanga embodies the idea that relationships formed through shared experiences and working together underlie people’s sense of belonging and purpose. It is important for Māori participants to be able to come to our events with others from the same school/community. From a Māori perspective, attending a conference should not be an individual endeavour, but a collective one shared with others from their kura. To a significant extent, our applications processes for equity scholarships are individualised and we have different students from different schools and communities come to our national events every year. Through this role and the greater continuity of relationships it brings, we can have a stronger focus on having groups of students from a specific school or community come to our events over successive years/cohorts. This will increase the appeal and affinity of those students and that school/community with our organisation and events.


The workload is not expected to be particularly significant, but as this is a new role preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate that they have the motivation and capacity to spend some time thinking strategically about the role – in terms of clarifying the tasks/objectives, long-term sustainability of the role, and alignment with UN Youth’s overall equity aims.

The term will be from appointment until the end of the year, but applicants may consider whether they would be interested in renewing their term for 2018.

Future of the role

Some further roles/tasks that may come under the scope of this role in the future include:

  • Supporting International Events and the Regions;
  • Developing more robust and inclusive scholarship application processes, as well as ways of marketing them;
  • Liaising with an expanded range of schools and organisations, such as Pasifika or rural ones, which UN Youth tends to have low engagement with;
  • Development and administration of National Equity Fund or Volunteers Equity Fund.
Background to the National Operations Team

Currently, there are three main working groups within the National Operations Team: Education, Communications (marketing and design), and technology. A fourth, Equity & Diversity, will be included once the National Scholarships Manager role is appointed.

Each working group is overseen by various UN Youth National Executive Officers. Members have the flexibility to join whichever working group(s) they are interested in and there are more working groups planned for the future depending on need and interest. For junior roles no prior experience is required as members are provided with training both before and as you begin to work on different projects, as well as support from more experienced team members. If you are an experienced volunteer, you can also apply to be a senior member for a working group(s), where you’ll also be part of leadership and development of the group.

Membership of the Ops Team can be held parallel to other volunteer roles in (or outside of) UN Youth and the workload that you’ll have will generally be flexible. Being on the team is a great opportunity to gain some experience volunteering for one of the largest youth organisation’s in New Zealand and develop some useful skills along the way.

Applications have closed!