Who can Volunteer?

Most Volunteer positions within UN Youth are open to anyone who is no longer attending Secondary school, and is studying at a tertiary institution or under the age of 25!

All of our Volunteering opportunities are listed on the Opportunities page.

Volunteering with UN Youth can come in many different forms, with varying levels of commitment and engagement. You can:

Be a Volunteer at a Regional Level

This can involve:

  • Being on the Council for one of our four regions – Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, or Otago.
  • Being on an Organising Committee for a Regional Event. This entails working in a team with other students to organise all aspects of a conference, from the logistics, promotions, educational content, to finding great food!
  • Being a Conference Assistant at one of our Regional Events. You will be helping run our events and conference on the day, interacting and facilitating students! This is usually free of charge, and food is provided for the duration of the conference.

Be a Volunteer at a National Level

This can involve:

  • Being on the organising committee for one of our National Events. These positions are appointed by the National Executive, and have a term of 9~10 months. UN Youth currently has three National Events:
  • Be a Conference Assistant or Facilitator at our National Events.  Our National Events usually run over 4-5 days, and there is a small cost for attendance. This fee covers all food and activities in relation to the conference.

Be a Volunteer at an International Level

This involves:

Any questions around Volunteering can be fowarded to volunteers@unyouth.org.nz