National President 2021 Nomination


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Closing Date: 09/11/2020 11:59 pm


The National President is the operational head and primary leader of the management of UN Youth New Zealand and all of its many programmes. The National President is responsible for overseeing not only UN Youth’s operational leaders, but also the wider organisation and its programmes. The National President also sits as a Director on UN Youth’s Board of Directors, and bears these additional responsibilities and duties.

At the 2020 UN Youth National AGM – hosted at 3:00pm at Victoria University of Wellington on Sunday 29 November – the National President for 2021 will be elected, a role they will hold from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

National President nominees must be a member of UN Youth, as defined by Part Three of UN Youth’s National Constitution . Nominees who are aged 26 years or older must seek approval for their nomination from both UN Youth’s Board of Directors and National Executive. Please contact the Board Chairperson, Jonathan Gee, at to seek such approval. Nominees aged 25 years or younger do not require prior approval.

All nominations must be made by a nominator and supported by a seconder. According to the National Constitution, nominees may not nominate or second themselves and all nominators and seconders must be Voting Members of UN Youth, as defined at cl 38 of the Constitution. There are no restrictions preventing current officeholders, regardless of their position, from being nominated for National President.

Nominations for National President must contain:

● Nominees name;

● Nominator and seconders’ names; and

● A nomination blurb describing your nomination of no more than 600 words, to be completed by the nominee.

Please return your nominations confidentially to the Returning Officer at by 11.59 pm, Monday 9 November 2020 . No late nominations will be considered.

For further information please consult the information pack here.