National Development Hui


Location: Auckland

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Closing Date: 27/03/2020 11:59 pm


Kia ora and welcome to National Development Hui! 

National Development Hui (NDH) is a unique opportunity for UN Youth officeholders to meet up, hang out, learn skills relevant to their portfolios and share in critical discussions around the development of UN Youth.

As the name suggests, NDH is dedicated to furthering development in our organisation. It seeks to do this in three ways:

  • Provide personal development opportunities to officeholders, through workshops and educational sessions.
  • Foster social development between volunteers through teambuilding opportunities and fun social evenings.
  • Create a platform to discuss the visionary development of UN Youth, including a chance to engage in person with our Board of Directors, and to collaborate on overcoming challenges facing the organisation in a similar fashion to National Council. 


  • When? NDH is held three times a year in conjunction with our three National Events:
    • April in Auckland, conjoined with Aotearoa Youth Declaration.
    • July in Wellington, conjoined with NZ Model UN.
    • August in Christchurch, conjoined with NZ Model Parliament. 
  • Location: NDH is not held in a centralised location like VTH. Attendees will need to find their own accomodation for the duration of the Hui. 
  • Cost: Attending NDH is absolutely free! Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.
  • Who? Due to financial constraints on flight caps and practical constraints on size, NDH will follow the NC model of only being open to members of the following; International Directorships, National Committees, National Working Groups and Regional Councils. 


You can find more information regarding National Development Hui here.

Please apply to attend our April National Development Hui below. The Hui will take place on the 19th and 20th of April in central Auckland. More details will be provided following registration.

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