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UN Youth is looking to form a working group to explore ways to develop a comprehensive civics education programme for the organisation.

It is well established that there continues to be a gap for civics education within New Zealand, and UN Youth has been approached in the past to provide opportunities in this area.

About UN Youth

UN Youth New Zealand is a non-profit organisation that provides opportunities outside the traditional classroom context. Our goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to be global citizens in the rapidly globalising world of today. Global citizenship exists in an incredibly diverse range of forms, and UN Youth hopes to provide the opportunities for all young people to be the global citizen that they aspire to be.

While UN Youth is well known for ‘Model UN’ type programmes, we see that it is equally as important to provide opportunities in the Civics Education space. Generally we hope to continue to build our initiatives around Civics Education, working towards a work programme with three main strands:

  • Model UN/International Relations and Diplomacy;
  • Civics Education; and
  • Global Citizenship.

We see that the first two strands are more placed to be explored in a domestic setting, while the majority of our International programmes are broadly focused on different aspects of global citizenship.

Current Civics Education Programme

Currently, UN Youth’s Civics Education programme centres around Aotearoa Youth Declaration, as well as a number of smaller regional events centred around policy and New Zealand Politics. For the first time in 2018, UN Youth successfully held a NZ Model Parliament for high school students around New Zealand. The work programme is in no way comprehensive, and there has been recognition that UN Youth could provide a lot more in the space generally.

Working Group

A Working Group will be established to recommend and lead the work in furthering the Civics Education work programme of UN Youth. It is expected that the Working Group will present a report outlining recommendations by July 2019.

One of the first tasks of the Working Group will be to draft a Terms of Reference in conjunction with the National Executive, to be then approved by National Council. The Working Group will also be accountable to National Council and will be expected to report on any progress and work completed.

The Working Group will comprise of four members. We are looking for four members in total, two UN Youth Volunteers, and two external members with minimal or no previous experience in UN Youth. Being a member of the working group is a Voluntary position.

Please read the position details here BEFORE applying.

Applications close Sunday 14 October, 11:59 pm.

Any questions, please get in touch with Bokyong Mun at

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