Location: Auckland

Contact Email: nayoung.kim@unyouth.org.nz

Closing Date: 23/01/2021 11:59 pm


Being a UN Youth High School Ambassador (HSA) is a fantastic volunteering opportunity for year 11-13 students. As a UN Youth representative, High School Ambassadors can develop new skills while educating and inspiring other students.  

Applications are due with a copy of your CV by 11:59PM, Saturday 23rd January 2021 to Na-Young Kim, the High School Ambassadors Programme Coordinator, at nayoung.kim@unyouth.org.nz . Questions may also be directed to Na-Young.




The role of an ambassador is to support UN Youth in achieving its vision to inspire students to have a positive impact on the world around them and to develop their skills to be able to make a difference.

As a representative of UN Youth, your responsibilities will be to establish a UN Youth club at school, promote our conferences such as by speaking in assemblies, organise in-school workshops and events and advocate for our values of engagement and tolerance.

At school, it will be important to develop and maintain positive relationships with relevant teachers who can support your work as an ambassador. At UN Youth events, it will be essential to employ the facilitative skills you will gain through attending our training sessions.

You will receive formal recognition of your involvement as an ambassador and be exposed to a wide range of opportunities. Through gaining experience in a professional capacity, you will develop widely applicable skills such as event management, leadership and interpersonal skills. 

If you are passionate about inspiring global citizens, this is an invaluable opportunity where you can contribute to the vision of UN Youth while still participating as a delegate in regional and national conferences. 


Ambassadors are given the option of running in-school lunchtime workshops as UN Youth club meetings. All resources including instructions, powerpoints and handouts are provided. Ambassadors are expected to become familiar with these resources and schedule lunchtimes to run them. In 2019, workshop topics included sustainable development goals, media bias, the art of persuasion and our place in Aotearoa.


Ambassadors are responsible for running in-school Model United Nations events. These events are designed as one-day events to be run on the weekend. Typically, two or more schools with ambassadors will collaborate on these events as this splits the workload and attracts more participants.

All resources including resolution papers, briefing papers, promotional content and facilitative materials such as event checklists are provided. Ambassadors are expected to liaise with their school to plan and implement this event. In 2019, committee topics included renewable energy, media manipulation, NBC Weapons, the rising refugee crisis, and gender equality in UN Peacekeeping Forces. 

Note that ambassadors will volunteer at other ambassadors’ in-school Model United Nations events as the chairperson, secretary and notepasser. This is a fantastic way to learn facilitative skills and also get to know other like-minded students.


Please note that by submitting an application, you are making a commitment to meet the expectations outlined above if appointed as an ambassador. Although previous experience and skills are beneficial, ambassadors are only effective when they are fully committed. Ambassadors are in a leadership position and are expected to be diligent and proactive. 

We are always here to support the ambassadors but please ensure you assess your capacity in taking on this role before submitting an application.


Applications are due with a copy of your CV by 11:59PM, Saturday 23rd January 2021 to Na-Young Kim, the High School Ambassadors Programme Coordinator, at nayoung.kim@unyouth.org.nz 

We may interview some or all candidates before appointing the ambassadors. If you are selected for an interview, we will contact you soon after applications close.

The email subject line should read “HSA – [INSERT SCHOOL] – [INSERT FULL NAME]”. The personal details we require and questions we would like you to answer can be found below. Please ensure your response to the questions do not exceed two typed pages in total. 

There should be three separate documents in PDF format attached to your email: your personal details and response to the questions, your CV and your signed code of conduct. We look forward to reading your application! 


  1. Full name
  2. High school
  3. Year level in 2021
  4. Whether or not you have been a UN Youth High School Ambassador before


  1. Why do you want to be a representative of UN Youth?
  2. What skills are important for a successful ambassador and how have you demonstrated these skills?
  3. How will you balance the workload of being an ambassador with your other commitments next year?
  4. What do you believe is the biggest challenge UN Youth faces in attracting high school students and how would you tackle this?
  5. What are some ideas to improve UN Youth’s events and programmes?
  6. In 150 words or less, how would you describe and explain UN Youth to someone who knows nothing about the organisation. 


Ambassadors are expected to abide by a code of conduct which outlines our behavioural and professional expectations to safeguard our brand and reputation.

If we believe an ambassador has acted outside the terms of the code of conduct during their term from when they are appointed to 31st December 2021, the ambassador will be dismissed from their role with UN Youth.

The code of conduct can be downloaded here. Please read and sign the code of conduct with a parent/guardian.