Want to help out with projects from around the country, and develop new skills along the way?

We’d love to have you join our team! The National Operations Team is a new initiative starting this year to bring together volunteers new and old, working together to provide behind-the-scenes support for UN Youth’s different programs nation-wide. We’re looking to build a diverse team from all backgrounds, so no matter your experience within the organisation we encourage you to apply.

As part of the National Operations Team, you will have the opportunity to join a working group(s) that you are interested in. These are currently education, social media & marketing, design, and technology, with more planned for the future depending on need and interest. No prior experience is required, as you will be provided with comprehensive training both before and as you begin to work on different projects, as well as support from more experienced team members. If you are an experienced volunteer, you can also apply to be a senior member for a working group(s), where you’ll also be part of leadership and development of the group.

Because membership of the National Operations Team can be held parallel to other volunteer roles in (or outside of) UN Youth, the workload that you’ll have will be flexible. Team members can contribute as much or little time as they’re able to towards different projects, and likewise take part in development sessions of their interest.

If you’d like to come aboard, just apply below! Applications close 11:59 pm Wednesday 17 May. If you have any questions, just email [email protected]


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