Transport to and from Wellington

If you normally reside outside of Wellington, UN Youth will subsidise 50% of your travel (e.g. flights, bus tickets, petrol) to and from Wellington. If you are a member of National Council who is normally eligible for a full National Council travel subsidy, the remaining 50% of your travel cost may be subsidised from the budget of your Region/Event.

The amount of subsidy you can claim is subject to the travel caps that have been set (see below). If you are only eligible for a 50% subsidy, your limit is 50% of the relevant cap below.

  • Auckland – Wellington: $300
  • Christchurch – Wellington: $400
  • Dunedin – Wellington: $400

If you have any questions about travel subsidies or if you are not travelling from one of the main centres above, please contact the National Finance Officer at [email protected]. To claim the subsidy you must submit an expense claim to UN Youth. If you are unsure about this process, please also contact the National Finance Officer.

Transport to and from El Rancho

UN Youth will book a bus to leave from Wellington Railway Station at 1.00pm on the Friday. All attendees are expected to travel on this bus, however we recognise some people may have work or other commitments that prevent this. If you cannot make the bus, please let us know when you register and we can reimburse you for travel expenses incurred from the Wellington Railway Station to El Rancho. You must possess a valid GST receipt to claim any such expenses (incl. Date, Name of Company, GST Number, Price and Item).

Another bus will be booked on the Sunday after lunch to return to Wellington Central for a brief National Council and the Annual General Meeting (held at St Andrews on the Terrace).