Both the National Council and AGM will be held at St Andrews on the Terrace in Wellington, starting 2:30pm Sunday 3rd December.

National Council

Before the AGM, the National Executive will be convening a brief National Council session in order to approve the Welfare Reform Proposal. This will take place from 2:30pm to 3:00pm.

All relevant documentation can be found here.

Annual General Meeting

This year’s annual general meeting will commence at 3:00pm, starting with final reports by Regions and the National Executive. Following this, election of the 2018 National Executive will take place.

All AGM documentation, including National Executive 2018 nominations, reports, minutes and motions can be found here.

For voting members unable to attend the AGM, online proxy voting for the National Executive 2018 elections is available here and online proxy voting for the AGM motion is available here. Both forms will be available until 5:00pm, Friday 1 December. Any proxy votes received past this time will not be counted. Eligibility criteria are detailed in the proxy voting form.

For general queries regarding the AGM, please contact Bowen Shi (National President). 

For queries regarding the 2018 NX nomination process, please contact Anthony Yelavich (Returning Officer) in confidence.