During the study tour, the delegation meets with a variety of key players in the world of international diplomacy. These meetings enable you to learn more about specific global issues and also provide invaluable research for conference preparation, while showing you just how many different career paths exist in these fields. There is, of course, time to visit important historical and cultural sites in each city, engage with UN Youth alumni, and form close friendships with the inspirational young leaders that form the delegation.


San Francisco

Typically, the trip begins in San Francisco, where the delegation gets to know each other and take in the unique sights of the Bay City.

Washington D.C.

The next stop is the political capital of Washington DC, one of the hubs of global affairs. Here the delegation is expected to meet again with a diverse range of influential organisations such as the US State Department, the World Bank, the NZ Embassy Human Rights Watch and Georgetown University. The time in Washington DC will also include visits to Capitol Hill, the US Supreme Court, as well as the Smithsonian Institution and National Mall.


Next, the delegation heads to the beautiful city of Boston to compete at the Harvard National Model UN. This is an intense four days of debating, lobbying, public speaking and resolution writing, working with students from all over the world as you simulate the workings of the different bodies of the United Nations.

New York City

The delegation then continues to New York City, touring the UN Headquarters in Manhattan and experiencing all that the cultural capital of America has to offer. There are more fascinating study tour meetings at Columbia University and the New Zealand Permanent Mission, for example.


On the way back to Auckland there is typically a stop-over in Honolulu, Hawaii for some much needed relaxation!