Apply here to be a part of the Pacific Project 2018 Organising Committee!

Pacific Project is lead by a Director and two Assistant Directors

The primary role of the Director is to organise and oversee all aspects of the trip, including flights, accommodation, logistics, educational content, sponsorship, delegation selection and bonding, communication with the National Conference Convenors and activities in Vanuatu. During National Conference, the Director will fulfil the role of Head of Delegation. This is mainly a facilitation role, but also involves primary responsibility for passing on information from the National Conference Organising Committee to the rest of the delegation.

The primary role of the Assistant Directors is to assist the Director in organising and overseeing all aspects of the trip, and are normally allocated between two broad areas of responsibility – Education and Logistics. The Education Assistant Director takes on the role of directing the educational content of the trip, and preparing workshops and information. The Logistics Assistant Director takes on the role of organising the trip Itinerary such as flights and accommodation. During National Conference, the Assistant Directors will fulfil the role of conference facilitators.


Being on the Pacific Project Organising Committee will be a unique experience as well as an amazing development opportunity. If you have the skills we are looking for, we highly encourage you to apply and some reasons are detailed below:

Professional Development

Through this involvement with UN Youth, you will gain skills and experiences that will benefit you no matter what your course of study is or future career goals are. You will be supported in this role and gain a great deal from the expertise of other Volunteers you will work with.


The friends and social networks that Volunteers gain from UN Youth are a big part of what brings many people back. This role is a great opportunity to meet new, like-minded people or otherwise continue working with some of the incredible people you already know!


The role will be a great deal of work, but it is also very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to implement new initiatives, work with awesome people, and form great memories doing so.


If you have participated in UN Youth events in the past, you will know just how educational and transformative they can be. This role is a fantastic way to give back to the organisation and, even if you have not been involved in UN Youth before, it is a way to contribute to the wider community through direct youth development.


Organising an international delegation is no small task. This role is a very unique and significant undertaking that will test the limits of what you’re capable of – perfect for someone looking to extend or challenge themselves.


Applications must be submitted via the online application form. You must read the relevant application pack before applying.

Director Applications are closed.

Assistant Director Applications are due by 11.59pm, Wednesday 15 November 2017. (click here for the application pack)

Applications for Pacific Project 2018 Director will be decided by the National Executive. Applications for Pacific Project 2018 Assistant Director will be decided by the National Executive and the Pacific Project 2018 Director.

Applicants are typically shortlisted for telephone, Skype or in-person interviews. If the National Executive receives an insufficient number of applicants or does not receive applications of a sufficient quality, we reserve the right to extend or reopen applications for this role.