The UN Youth Australia National Conference brings together over 100 exceptional young people from across Australia and the Asia-Pacific to discuss a diverse range of international and local issues. Throughout the week long conference, students will learn from experts in international relations, participate in interactive workshops and formally debate questions of global importance.

The Conference aims to create a generation of young Australians who are informed and passionate about the world around them through education, engagement with national leaders, and peer mentorship. The Conference includes students from every state and territory, as well from New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific.

National Conference is held each year in July in a different Australian capital city.  The Conference is run entirely by members of the UN Youth division in that city, assisted by the UN Youth Australia National Executive. Delegates for the conference are competitively selected by the UN Youth division in their State or Territory during Terms 1 and 2.

In 2017, the Conference will be held in Perth, and delegates will explore the theme of ‘The Innovation Revolution’. Over the course of the week, delegates will learn about how technology and new ideas have shaped the way in which communities interact with each other. They will explore the impact of technological advancements on human security, cyber security and the environment, whilst being empowered to advocate for the most vulnerable communities who have been left behind by the digital age.