Congratulations for getting into NZ Model UN 2017! You should be very proud of what you have achieved, as the competition for entry into this year’s conference was fierce. You’re probably wondering what happens between now and the conference. Hopefully this page will help you understand what to expect in the lead up to the conference.

Booking flights and accommodation

You can expect an email shortly, if you haven’t received it yet, containing information about flights and accommodation. Students are expected to book their own flights and accommodation, and this information will help you to book the flights and accommodation that are right for you.

Receiving your Country

Students will be sent their country and committee allocations around the 16th June. This will be the country you are representing at NZ Model UN 2017 and which committees you will be taking part in. You will also be given which regional group you will be in and which of the two plenaries you will be in. You may wish to spend a little time researching some general information about your country to help you get a background understanding of their foreign policies. You can find the topics that each of the committees will be looking at on the educational content page.

These allocations will only be sent out to students who have paid their registration fee or to students who have contacted us to arrange payment of the registration fee. Students who have not paid will be contacted and given an opportunity to either pay or arrange payment with us, before their space is offered to someone else.

Receiving the Committee Materials

Around the 23rd June you can expect to receive the briefing papers and resolutions for each of the committees you are participating in. This will be what you are debating at the conference. We recommend that you read through them carefully and start researching and thinking about whether your country would support the resolution or not, which changes you may like to make, and whether there is anything your country would add to the resolution.

Keeping Up to Date

For all of the latest updates, juicy teasers about what is going to happen at the conference, and reminders, click going to our Facebook event: NZ Model UN 2017.