Tertiary students are invited to join us as Conference Assistants at NZ Model UN 2017. Applications to volunteer have closed, however if you are interested in the helping out with the conference please contact Nina Hardie ([email protected]).

Conference Assistant positions

Regional Group Coordinator In pairs, run introductory sessions and educational workshops for a group of delegates. Interact with delegates closely in a less formal environment than the committee sessions. Delivers the educational content of the conference and provides a fun, safe, and stimulating environment for discussion.


As a chairperson, you will be facilitating the committee session. This involves overseeing the rules of procedures and the debate as a whole. In order to carry out this role, you will need a sound knowledge of the debate rules and procedures, and be able to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all delegates in your committee. Background knowledge of committee topics and the general theme of the event will be helpful in responding to delegates’ queries during the session. Previous chairing experience at regional or national events is preferred.


Type delegate’s amendments, organise the speakers list, and any other technological tasks during the committee sessions. Access to their own laptop that can be used during the committees is preferable.

Special Rapporteur

Performs in depth research on their specific resolution and are required to write a briefing paper well before the conference that will be distributed to all delegates involved in that committee. They are the first port of call for the delegates for any questions relating to the resolution during the committee. During committee sessions they will be in charge of selecting amendments to ensure the highest value educational debate.


You’ll form a part of the logistics officer team. Tasks include room and meal set-up, cleaning, and anything required to keep the conference running smoothly. The ability to use you initiative and work as a team is vital. If you live in Wellington and have access to a car, even better!


Look after the physical and emotional welfare of the delegates during the conference. This is a 24/7 role during the conference as delegates are able to contact the welfare team day or night. A current first aid certificate is essential

Media team

There are several roles within the media team:


Writing articles for the daily newspaper as well as supporting the media team.
Newspaper editor – involved in the editing and compilation of the daily newspaper during the conference.

Press Delegate Co-ordinator

Meets with the press delegates throughout the conference both one-on-one and as a group. Organises the tasks for the press delegates including monitoring their article writing progress and supports them throughout the conference.


Taking amazing snaps of the conference. From the CA training day to the closing ceremony and everything in between! Access to DSLR camera preferred but not required.


Records video footage during the conference and compiles this footage to make the closing ceremony video as well as the after conference video (which can be completed after the conference). Must be proficient using video editing software.

During the application process you will be able to indicate more than one role preference.
We will take these preferences into account during the marking and interview process however there is no guarantee that if you are offered a position it will be your first preference.
If you have any questions about the conference or what it is like to be a NZ Model UN conference assistant, feel free to get into contact with Nina (CA Officer) or Emma (coordinator).

Espen Barth Eide (centre), the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus, briefs journalists.