Emma Pairman
Emma Pairman — Coordinator

Law followed by Masters in Law at the University of Canterbury

Loves: Cupcakes, cooking, that I’m a Slytherin

Hates: Pineapple on pizza, when it’s too hot to think in summer, itchy cardies

Special Skill: Writing 4000 word essays in under 4 hours

Elsa Bredenkamp
Elsa Bredenkamp — Promotions Officer

Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Waikato

Loves: Pizza, dogs, watching cooking shows

Hates: Fresh coriander, the sound of people chewing, evil princes who try to steal my kingdom

Special Skill: Official NZPUN Chief Pun Officer

Cullum Peni-Wesche
Cullum Peni-Wesche — Logistics Officer

Business Studies and Management at Massey University

Loves: Dragon-boating, tramping, renovating the flat without landlord consent

Hates: Parsley, cursive handwriting, the fact that I don’t have a fan club or appreciation society on Facebook yet

Special Skill: Negotiating free delivery on all the logistics

Julia Wiener
Julia Wiener — Relations Officer

Law and Politics, International Relations and Economics at the University of Auckland

Loves: Pineapple on pizza, good basslines, political philosophy

Hates: Pumpkin, high heels, fireworks

Special Skill: Speaking Hungarian

Nina Hardie
Nina Hardie — Volunteers Officer

Law, Music, and Japanese at the University of Canterbury

Loves: All herbs including coriander, iced animal cookies, nana naps

Hates: Raw cabbage, the uneven chopstick split, Pulp Fiction’s injection scene

Special Skill: Can sleep anywhere at any time

Time Paterson-Catto
Tim Paterson-Catto — Registrations Officer

Civil Engineering and French at the University of Auckland

Loves: Fish ‘n’ chips, musicals, trains

Hates: 8am classes, wasps, capsicum

Special Skill: Rapping the entire score of Hamilton

Tony Shaw
Tony Shaw — Education Officer

Law, International Relations, and Latin at Victoria University of Wellington

Loves: Making music, long walks, wearing suits

Hates: Corn, the disappointment of stepping on a leaf you though was crunchy when it’s not, sneans

Special Skill: Long meeting endurance