The Evatt Competition is led by a Director.

Evatt is different to the other international delegations UN Youth organises as it is much smaller in scope. It does not involve a study tour before or after the conference itself. The main tasks of the Director include selecting the delegates, providing them with appropriate training and briefing, organising some logistics such as flights to and from Australia, and liaising with the Evatt Convenors from UN Youth Australia. During the conference itself, the registration fee that is paid covers accommodation and food. During Evatt, the Director will fulfil the role of Head of Delegation. This is mainly a facilitation role, but also involves primary responsibility for passing on information from the Evatt Competition Organising Committee to the rest of the delegation.


Being the Evatt Competition Director will be a unique experience as well as an amazing development opportunity. If you have the skills we are looking for, we highly encourage you to apply! More specifically, below are five key reasons why you should apply:

Professional Development

Through this involvement with UN Youth, you will gain skills and experience that will benefit you no matter what your course of study is or future career goals are. It will be a significant boost to your CV and you will gain a lot from the expertise of other Volunteers you will work with.


The friends and social networks that Volunteers gain by being a part of UN Youth are a big part of what brings many people back. This role is a great opportunity to meet new, like-minded people or otherwise continue working with some of the incredible people you already know!


A role such as this will be a great deal of work, but it can also be fun! You will have the opportunity to undertake subsidised travel overseas, work with awesome people and form memories for a lifetime.


If you have participated in UN Youth events in the past, you will know just how educational and transformative they can be. This role is a fantastic way to give back to the organisation and contribute to the wider community through direct youth development.


Organising an international delegation is no small task. This role is really something that is significant and special – perfect for someone looking to extend or challenge themselves.


Director Applications have closed

Applications for Evatt Competition 2017 Director will be decided by a selection panel consisting of the National Executive. Where appropriate, the National Executive may short-list candidates for telephone, Skype or in-person interviews. These interviews will be conducted by the National Executive. The National Executive reserves the right to re-open applications if necessary, so long as the same process for selection is followed.

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