Get Involved

Wanting to sign up a team for 2017, or to become a facilitator? You’ve come to the right place for information! Registrations for both teams and facilitators are open now, and there’s more information below on the different ways to be part of the Competition.


A team for the Diplomacy Competition’s Junior or Senior divisions can consist of anywhere between one and four members. Once you sign up, you’re registered for all four rounds of the Competition, and have the chance to win both the individual rounds and the competition overall. Each round has its own prizes, and the topics can range from the use of nuclear weapons to the future of outer space, or responding to an international incident. Each round is divided into four different phases, beginning with research and amendments and ending with voting and marking.


As a large initiative that aims to cater to secondary students nationally, the organising committee needs volunteers to take on the supportive roles of Facilitators. The role of Facilitators is primarily to act as a form of external quality assurance on teams’ position papers, and support through moderating and stimulating discussions via the forum. This is a fairly light workload, and well suited to sit alongside tertiary study and other volunteer roles. We’re making an effort this year to avoid placing marking during exam periods or national events, in order to minimise the stress these times can create.


If you’re a teacher wanting to get involved with the Diplomacy Competition, we’re exploring some options this year for allowing you to see how it works and how it could benefit your students’ learning and development. More information will be available on this soon.

Got more questions?

We have a more comprehensive FAQ and set of information available on the Diplomacy Competition website, so take a look there and see if it answers your questions. If not, please get in contact with us at [email protected].