Round two: Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (or, Killer Robots)

Lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) are no longer a hypothetical entity, and are changing the entire face of war. In essence, they are a machine which is programmed and designed to kill without human input. This makes them distinct from drones; at no point in their operation does a human need to be involved. They can potentially locate , verify, engage and eliminate targets without any approval, double-checking or limitation. The development of this technology has sparked widescale international concern, with nobody entirely sure how to respond. In round two, your task is to create a resolution to protect countries from risks that are only just beginning to make themselves clear, and that will dictate the future of armed conflict.

Round Two of The Diplomacy Competition is slated to run from June 3rd until July 3rd. More information on the topic will be available on the Diplomacy Competition website for teams when the round begins. If you’re a teacher wanting more information, or a student wanting to get involved in the Competition, check out the “get involved” tab above! If you didn’t sign up before round one, it’s not too late – you can still join the Competition now.