Round Three: Media Manipulation (or, Fake News)

With the advent of mass media, the internet and instant communication, information and disinformation can both spread at an almost viral rate. Examples are abundant and almost often harmful: they include claims of race riots in Sweden and political murders in the United States. Deliberate misinformation is more commonly known as “fake news,” and is a form of media manipulation. In round three your challenge is to grapple with this phenomenon, and to be part of making a treaty against fake news – or to defeat the treaty if it does not serve your state’s needs.

Round Three of The Diplomacy Competition is slated to run from July 25 until August 25. More information on the topic is available on the Diplomacy Competition website for teams. If you’re a teacher wanting more information, or a student wanting to get involved in the Competition, check out the “get involved” tab above! If you didn’t sign up before round two, it’s not too late – you can still join the Competition now.

Key Dates

  • July 25: round begins – research and debate.
  • July 29: the amendment stage begins.
  • August 7: amendment voting.
  • August 11: time to start getting your position papers and votes in!
  • August 19: facilitator and peer marking begins.
  • August 25: marking and round three end.