UN Youth runs dozens of events across the year, right across the country. Our events include Model UN conferences, workshops, discussion groups, social activities and even international tours!

Check out our incredible Regional Events which we run in all four of the main centres, as well as some of the smaller cities. Our National Events bring together students and speakers from right across New Zealand for a more engaging conference that will challenge students in new ways.
Finally, our International Events give students the opportunity to see the workings of international relations and diplomacy in action.

UN Youth New Zealand was established in 1999 and is now among New Zealand’s top youth-run charities. We provide high qualities conferences and Model UN events that are accessible to all students. We can even boast that we run Australasia’s biggest high school Model UN event: Auckland Model UN!

Whether you’re new to UN Youth, or you’ve been to plenty of events before, there’s always something on our Calendar for you – so check out the opportunities below!

  • Wellington Universities’ Model United Nations 2018 - UN Youth Wellington's premier tertiary event is finally open! A day packed with political debate and discussion, we invite all those interested in social issues that impact today's global society to Victoria University of Wellington on the 11th of August. With the central theme of UN+Inhabitable, explore the questions surrounding space, maritime laws, and air toxicity.
  • Auckland Tertiary Policy Conference 2018 - Want a chance to shape local and regional policy? Interested in creating positive social change? Join us at the Auckland Tertiary Policy Conference!
  • Security Council Considers Situation in Yemen Central North Island Model United Nations 2018 - UN Youth invites high school students to Central North Island Model United Nations 2018 (CNIMUN). We are looking for enthusiastic delegates from Years 9-13 to get involved with a day of political debate tackling global human rights. This event will be held on August 18th at Freyberg High School in Palmerston North. This is an excellent opportunity for students outside of Wellington City to engage with our programme and experience our events closer to home. This is an accessible event to all students in the Central North Island and is a great opportunity for our outreach areas to participate with UN Youth.
  • Canterbury Crisis Model UN 2018 - Modern media has reshaped the world of international relations in numerous ways. From Twitter diplomacy to a stream of news sources a click away, the political world is more globalised, widely accessible, and ever-changing than ever before. In an effort to understand the effects of modern media on politics -the whirlwind that is a newsroom […]
  • Southland Model United Nations 2018 - It’s time for Southland Model United Nations 2018! This one day conference will be held in Invercargill on Tuesday 25th of September. If you’re a High School student from around South Otago or Southland, register for an engaging and fun time where you’ll learn a lot taking on the role of an international diplomat to […]
  • Wellington High Schools Model Security Council - Wellington High Schools’ Model Security Council will be hosted at Parliament on August 25th, exploring global tensions in an international forum.
  • Auckland Model Asia-Pacific Forum - UN Youth’s exciting new event that explores cooperation and cross-cultural communication within the context of the Asia-Pacific region negotiations.

Upcoming Events

See all events happening near you by finding your region!

National Events

  • NZ Model Parliament

    UN Youth’s newest national event! Students will get to participate in an interactive and engaging three day conference focussed on New Zealand’s own parliamentary system.

  • NZ Model United Nations

    Hosted in Wellington each July, this is New Zealand’s premier Model UN event featuring four days of debates, expert speakers and a Ball.

  • Diplomacy Competition

    An online platform for students across New Zealand to engage with current issues in international affairs.

  • Aotearoa Youth Declaration

    Each April, 200 students from across NZ come to Auckland to meet with MPs, community groups and each other to engage with Government Policy.

International Events

  • North America Leadership Tour 2019

    The North America Leadership Tour 2019 Explore. Experience. Network. Embark. Discover your passion, your future. Where will UN Youth take you?

  • Globalisation Tour

    UN Youth is incredibly excited to announce that we will be taking a brand new delegation of tertiary students on a tour around Asia, looking into globalisation, trade and economics.

  • Pacific Project

    A tour in two parts. First, the annual UN Youth Australia National Conference. And then, a cultural exchange in the Pacific Islands.

  • Global Development Tour

    A study tour to Europe and New York for High School Students that explores international diplomacy and the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Evatt Competition

    A negotiation and debating competition where students from NZ and Australia represent UN Security Council countries in a battle of diplomacy!