The wait is over! Wellington Model Westminster Parliament is back after the overwhelming success in 2018!

Scotland has now declared independence from the United Kingdom, and we welcome you, the MPs of the House of Commons,  to navigate through this upheaval.

UN+Protected we stand as we encounter fierce debate about security – cyber security, border security, actions against terrorism, and the function and powers of the legal system.

Gain an intimate understanding of a legal system that is so closely interrelated to our own, and thereby learn something new about Aotearoa’s Government. Experience the dynamics between states who are only separated by an abstract border, and their place in the international realm. Navigate your place as an MP representing your constituents and your conscience as you delve into select committees focusing on people’s lives.

Registrations are now open for both CAs and delegates. The deadline is the 15th of April for scholarship applicants, and the 21st of April for delegates and conference assistants.

We are excited to announce that there are limited financial scholarships available to relieve some of the costs involved in participation. If you are interested in applying for financial support to attend this event, please inquire via the contact details below!!


If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the event Communications Officer, Elizabeth Lee, at jihyun.lee@unyouth.org.nz