Introducing a brand new event: Wellington Westminster Model Parliament 2018! Delegates can expect to engage with a wide range of issues directly affecting society whilst learning how parliament works to address them. This is a great opportunity to engage with like-minded students in a fun and informative way, and is an experience unlike any other UN Youth event.

WMPARL 2018 will be held at Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn campus, Wellington City.

The theme of our inaugural conference is UN+REPRESENTED, where we explore the inner workings and processes of a parliamentary system that inspires our own. Delegates will step into their roles as  Members of Parliament (MPs) and will be debating pieces of legislation inspired by the theme; including bills relating to security, healthcare, and the implementation of international treaties. Delegates will also experience select committee sessions where they will factor how public opinion influences the legislative process. Workshops have been created to focus on processes and structures, the role of cabinet, as well as speaker series to share expert knowledge and stories.

You can find detailed information packs by navigating through the tab at the top of this events page. Otherwise all questions and queries can be directed to Cullum Peni Wesche at cullum.peni@unyouth.org.nz