The Wellington Region is proud to introduce our Outreach events this year. Outreach events are events outside Wellington city, but within the Wellington region, and this year they will be held in the Hutt, Kapiti, Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Taranaki.


The ultimate aim of this is to bring UN Youth (Model United Nations) to students outside of Wellington city, who are not usually able to travel to our events. This will be a chance, particularly for students who have not yet had the chance to experience a UN Youth event, to develop their skills and knowledge in an encouraging environment, and foster a passion for international affairs.


Our events this year will be completely free, and are targeted towards students who have not attended a UN Youth event before, though all are welcome. 

If this interests you, keep an eye out on our regional Facebook page to keep updated. 


Wellington Outreach Registrations 2019

Event Information


Personal Information

Update your personal information for this event, if necessary, below. This is will not change your default membership information.
In order to best meet your needs, please detail your dietary requirements.
In order to best meet your needs, please detail your medical requirements. We may contact you to clarify how we may best care for you.
UN Youth seeks to ensure that our events and programmes are accessible to everyone. We may contact you to clarify how we may best accommodate your needs. Please be assured that this information is not taken into consideration when evaluating your responses in an application to attend any of our events or programmes.
Alternative Contact Information

As per our Event Terms & Conditions, we require the details of a parent, legal guardian or emergency contact. In the event of an emergency at one of our events or programmes, UN Youth will communicate with your alternative contact. You can update this contact at any time and you can change it for each event you attend.

Terms & Conditions of Participation (Regional Event)

By completing the registration and ticking the relevant box to accept the terms and conditions, I, the Participant, or my legal guardians or teacher acting on my behalf if I am a minor, agree to the following conditions on my participation in the Outreach event (hereafter "the Event"). If this registration is completed by someone other than the Participant, then I warrant that the Participant agrees to the terms and conditions. Any reference to “I” or “my” throughout this document shall be taken to be a reference to either or both the Participant’s legal guardian, parent/teacher and/or the Participant as the context permits:

1. I understand that my registration fee for this event is refundable only at the discretion of the UN Youth Wellington Regional Council (hereafter "the Council"); in particular, I understand that if I do not withdraw my child's registration in writing to the event coordinator at least five working days prior to the event, I will remain liable for the cost of my full registration;

2. I have read and will follow and respect the UN Youth New Zealand Codes of Conduct and the other provisions of the Welfare Protocols (available here), and will comply with any sanctions imposed on me as a result of my breach of the Code of Conduct, including but not limited to being sent home at my expense;

3. I will comply with all rules and conditions set by Event venues, the reasonable directions of Event staff (or, if I am a Volunteer, the Event’s organiser) and accept that any decisions made by Event staff pertaining to prizes or awards are absolutely final and may not be appealed;

4. I will attend all activities scheduled for the Event, and not leave the Event without permission from the Event’s organiser;

5. I give permission for me to be transported during the Event in a private vehicle if I am either (i) a Volunteer or (ii) suffering from illness or injury short of an emergency and cannot be practically transported otherwise;

6. I give permission for the appropriate first aid, including medicine for temporary pain relief (unless I indicate otherwise on the registration form), to be administered to me by the Event staff if I require first aid;

7. In the case of an emergency, where it is impractical to communicate with me, I consent to any member of the Event staff obtaining for me on my behalf and at my expense, any emergency medical assistance, treatment and transport as deemed reasonably necessary;

8. I understand it is my responsibility to inform Event staff of any medical conditions, allergies, food restrictions or any other special needs I may have;

9. I grant permission to UN Youth New Zealand to use my photograph and/or comments and/or a video recording of me in print, broadcast, online and social media, without further consent and free of charge, at this or any other date, acknowledging UN Youth New Zealand’s right to crop or treat the photograph at its discretion and waiving any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, wherein my likeness or comments appear;

10. I acknowledge and agree that, subject to UN Youth New Zealand complying with applicable privacy and health records legislation, UN Youth New Zealand may collect and store my personal information, and contact me using my personal information in order to organise the Event, or to solicit feedback or inquiries, or advise me of events, special offers and other like activities offered by UN Youth New Zealand except where permitted or required by law.

11. I agree to release, hold harmless, defend and indemnify UN Youth New Zealand, and its Volunteers from and against any damage, liability, loss or claim which in any way may arise from or relate to my participation in the Event;

12. I agree to reimburse UN Youth New Zealand with respect to any claim, loss, demand, cause of action, cost or liability (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) which may be asserted against or incurred by UN Youth New Zealand which is incurred by my participation in the Event;

13. In any event, I acknowledge that if I have any complaints about the conduct of the event or the selection process for other activities (other conferences, and so on) these must be submitted in writing to UN Youth New Zealand at wellington@unyouth.org.nz within one week following the incident that gave rise to the complaint; and I accept the Council’s decision on the complaint is final;

14. I understand that any reference in this document to "UN Youth New Zealand" is taken to include both UN Youth New Zealand nationally and all of its Regions.

Without limiting condition 1 and unless otherwise expressly communicated by the Event organisers, if a cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the Event, no refund applies.