Introducing Wellington High School’s Model Security Council 2017!

Our coveted event is back again, calling all High School students to come debate an array of issues from the perspective of a member state on the Security Council with us on Saturday 12th August.

As an extremely popular event, we have decided to change things up by this year adding a third committee and thus increasing the number of delegates who can attend! Some of the topics we will be exploring and debating include human trafficking and diplomatic immunity.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the Communications Officer, Riana Smith, at [email protected]



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Saturday 12th August Time Activity
8:30-9:00 AM Registrations
9:00-9:20 AM Opening Ceremony
9:20-10:10 AM Committee Session 1
10:10-10:40 AM Morning Tea
10:40-12:15 AM Committee Session 1
12:15-1:05 PM Lunch
1:05-1:50 PM Workshop
1:50-3:10 PM Committee Session 2
3:10-3:40 PM Afternoon Tea
3:40-4:45 PM Committee Session 2
4:45-5:00 PM Closing Ceremony

Meet the Committee

Emily Tyler – Coordinator

Emily is the Coordinator of this amazing event, as well as being the High Schools Program Support Member on the Wellington Regional Council. Born and bred in Hamilton, Emily is in her third year of a law degree at Victoria University. She has been super involved in volunteering in UN Youth this year, having been the Educations Officer at Wellington Model United Nations earlier this year. As Coordinator, Emily has been a stellar leader of the team, liaising with Parliament and overseeing all over our amazing catering. In her free time/when she isn’t asleep, Em loves watching Netflix, trying out many of Wellington’s restaurants and playing social netball.

Riana Smith – Communications Officer

Riana is the Communications Officer for the event, as well as being the Equity Officer on the Wellington Regional Council. Having lived in Palmerston North for the majority of her life, Riana is a second year Law, Political Science and International Relations student ant Victoria University and has been involved in UN Youth for four years. As the Comm’s Officer she has been hard at work getting all the promotions out and sending and replying to a bunch of emails. When she’s not procrastinating doing her law readings, she is avidly watching too many legal TV shows (shout out to Suits), binging on reality tv or wishing her landlord would allow her to have a puppy.

Liam Hutching – Educations Officer

Liam is the Educations Officer for the event. He is a former Rongatai College student who is now a first year Political Science and Language Studies student at Victoria University. As Educations Officer he is the one who has been working on all the educational material for the event. Liam is a UN Youth kid all the way, having attended events all through his senior years in high school. It makes sense that in his free time when he is not attending UN Youth events he is thinking about UN Youth events.

Dress Code

The dress code for the event is business wear or school uniforms. Business wear is clothing that is suitable for the workplace, including but not limited to, suits, dresses, skirts, blouses and pant suits. Below is a photo which showcases the acceptable clothing at Model United Nations events.

If you have any questions regarding the dress code please contact the Communications Officer Riana Smith at [email protected]


Wellington High Schools Model Security Council 2017 will be held at the New Zealand Parliament Building in Wellington. On the day there will be Conference Assistants around to help guide you to registrations. Below are two images; one which showcases the location of the building on a map and the other the entrance to the building which circled in red:

Education Material

Resolutions and briefing papers for each committee can be found as a PDF file below:

The Question of Diplomatic Immunity

The Question of Human Trafficking

The Question of International Compliance