We are thrilled to announce Wellington High Schools’ Model Security Council 2018! UN Youth’s exciting annual event that explores global issues which are often thought of as problems for future generations, when in reality they face our society today. Come and take part in this exciting forum and have a chance to step into the shoes of an international diplomat and consider positive world change.

The Model Security Council is a one day conference that will include exciting workshops and experiences. It will take place on Saturday the 25th at Parliament in the capital. We invite high-school students of all experience levels and backgrounds who share our passion for politics, debate and positive world change. Any tertiary students interested are encouraged to apply to join the team as a volunteer.

You, (along with a large group of passionate students), will be: representing countries in the United Nations Security Council, with the added threat of the Permanent Five Veto players. We have exciting guest speakers and new workshops lined up.

Delegate registrations and volunteer applications are now open in the tabs above. Apply above in the Register tab.

For further information that isn’t on our website, please contact our Communications Officer Phoebe Moir at phoebe.moir@unyouth.org.nz