Introducing Wellington High School’s Crisis Model United Nations 2018!

Our much-anticipated event is back for 2018, calling all High School students to come and show off their debating skills, and to gain insight into the perspective of a United Nations member state on an imminent issue.

The main topic for discussion this year is around the implications of warfare in the Middle East. The scenario begins with an attack occurring in Iran, where the United Nations security council has evoked the resolution 377A, following their failure to respond to warfare in the Middle East, specifically in Iran and Kuwait.

Delegates will have the chance to, like any other Model United Nations, debate from the positions of member states of the United Nations. What makes this event different are the crisis updates filtered throughout, which add drama and tension to the decision making of the delegates at the event.

We hope to see you at there! Please direct any questions to patrick.hayes@unyouth.org.nz