It’s that time of year again – Volunteers Training Hui is coming up!

Volunteers Training Hui (VTH) is a three-day retreat away for UN Youth Volunteers from all around the country to come together, get to know each other, learn more about the organisation, upskill, eat yum food, have fun… the list goes on!

Our Volunteers are the power behind the amazing work that UN Youth achieves every year. VTH is all about giving our Volunteers the support, education and skills they need to do the best in their roles.

At VTH, the 2020 National Volunteer Awards will also be presented! Check out all the details for those in the tabs above, including how to nominate someone.

This year, the 2020 National Executive has decided to open VTH to all volunteers, not just outgoing and incoming officeholders. To qualify, you must be completing high school at the end of 2020 and must have volunteered at at least one UN Youth event (including digital events) or held at least one UN Youth office in 2020. However, spaces are limited – in the event in which we receive more applications than we have spaces, incoming volunteers for 2021 and officeholders with AGM reporting obligations will be allocated first.


● When : Friday 27 November (from 1pm) – Sunday 29 November (until ~2:30pm, followed by the National AGM until ~5.00pm and post AGM celebrations till late!).

● Location : Camp Elsdon: 18 Raiha St, Elsdon, Porirua. Bring a sleeping bag, but pillows are provided

● Cost : $20.00

  • This cost will cover everything for VTH (accommodation, transport, food, activities etc).
  • Note ALL Volunteers are eligible for a 50% domestic travel subsidy to attend VTH (we really want to help you get here!). Officeholders with AGM reporting obligations who cannot attend VTH may claim their 50% subsidy to attend the AGM instead.
  • Further financial support is available to volunteers facing significant financial hardship through the National Equity Fund. Please contact our National Equity Portfolioholder, Marissa Dzulkifly, for more information (contact details below).

● Who : any outgoing or incoming UN Youth volunteers, aged 18 years or older. If you did not volunteer at any UN Youth event or hold any UN Youth office in 2020, but would still like to attend, please get in touch with our National President (contact details provided below) to check your eligibility. In the event that more applications are received than spaces available, incoming 2021 volunteers and officeholders with AGM reporting obligations will be allocated first.

Registrations close at 11:59pm November 8.


As a part of VTH, the National Executive are putting together a jam-packed timetable full of workshops and sessions so we can get the most out of our time together. We would love to hear what YOU would like VTH to look like this year.

If there is a specific skill, area of the organisation, professional development advice, or anything that you would like to see at VTH – we want to hear about it.

Fill out your opinions by completing the registrations form!


● General enquiries about VTH: mark.howard@unyouth.org.nz (National President)

● Administration/registration enquiries: julia.caulfield@unyouth.org.nz (National Operations Officer)

● Finance and subsidy enquiries: christine.chang@unyouth.org.nz (National Finance Officer)

● Scholarship and equity fund enquiries: marissa.dzulkifly@unyouth.org.nz (National Equity Portfolioholder)

● Welfare enquiries: teresa.lee@unyouth.org.nz (National Volunteers & Welfare Officer).