Otago-Southland Youth Forum is UN Youth Otago regions prime chance to represents its views and and engage with key regional politics and issues. We are excited to be able to announce that the theme this year will be UN+Accessible – changing lives by making services, institutions and and knowledge accessible to all. This two day event will be full of opportunities to let the Otago- Southland community know what you think about this and other important regional issues.

Students attending Youth Forum will get the chance to meet amazing speakers, attend specially developed workshops, and connect with others in the community around them that have a passion for politics and civics. They will represent themselves in a variety of focus groups and over the weekend assemble a declaration on what they care about most. They will debate, refine and submit this declaration to key stakeholders in the Otago-Southland region.

Registrations to be a part of this event will open 14th June, and close the 8th August.

Any questions about the event can be sent to josh.meikle@unyouth.org.nz