Politicians only seem to care about healthcare when it is an election issue – but universal health coverage is seen by many as a human right that should always be provided and protected. UN Youth Otago is inviting tertiary students to take on the role of health ministers from various countries in a Model World Health Assembly to examine how different countries approach health coverage, and strategies to ensure the most vulnerable receive healthcare.

There’ll also be an epic guest speaker and yum food – don’t miss out!


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Time Activity
10:00 - 10:15 Registrations
10:15 - 10:30 Opening Ceremony
10:30 - 10:50 Workshop
10:50 - 12:00 Speaker
12:00 - 12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 02:00 Committee Session
02:00 - 02:15 Afternoon Tea
02:15 - 03:15 Committee Session
03:15 - 03:30 Closing Ceremony


A Model World Health Assembly is about discussing a global health issue from the perspective of a specific country. Once you are allocated a country, here’s a few tips on preparing getting ideas for discussion and debate!

  • Read the resolution and briefing paper once released (this is the most important point)
  • Gather basic information on your country
  • Establish what your country’s national interests are, and how they relate to the issue at hand
  • Look at government websites and your state’s Permanent Mission to the UN website
  • If you cannot find an official stance, make an educated guess from what you know about your country
  • What clauses in the resolution does your country support?
  • If there’s a clause that your country disagrees with, how would you amend it?
  • Have a think about the questions to consider at the end of the briefing paper
  • Look at how your country has reacted to or voted on this issue previously (check out the UN website)
  • Look at what your country’s diplomatic relations with the states in question or ‘great powers’
  • Try to understand both sides of the argument
  • Try to understand the terminology, acronyms, and previous agreements