National Equity Fund

[Applications for the National Equity Fund for NZ Model UN closed on 29th May]

In addition to NZ Model UN Conference Scholarships, UN Youth is opening applications to the National Equity Fund for delegates seeking financial support to attend NZ Model UN.

The National Equity Fund is an initiative aimed at helping a greater number of students attend our events through monetary support. UN Youth recognises that for many students it is financially difficult to attend our events – because the registration or accommodation cost is too high, or living outside of the main city centres means to travel to the events is expensive.

As stated in our Tikanga policy, the concept of Rangatiratanga by promoting and cultivating leadership is highly important. The National Equity Fund is one way of supporting more tamariki to achieve this.

For 2018, this fund will be open to students wishing to attend National Events including NZ Model UN. Applications will be confidential and assessed by only the National Executive.

If successful, a maximum of $250 will be granted towards registration fee, transport or accommodation costs.


To apply for this fund, you must have submitted the relevant Event application before applying for the Equity Fund. If your Event application is successful, your Equity Fund application will be considered. Please note that students are unable to hold both a scholarship provided by the Event and a grant from the Equity Fund. Students may apply for both, but cannot be successful in both.

As a part of the application process, we will need to contact an adult of your choosing to act as a referee for your application. This can be an adult from your school/an organisation or your parent/guardian. Please indicate on the application form who you would prefer.

You can complete this application by completing the written questions or answering them in video form.

If there are any questions or issues, please contact the National Relations Officer Hye-Song Goo at 

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