Early Applications

What is the purpose of early applications?

A stress that many of our delegates have always faced is the cost of transport and accommodation for NZMUN. We want to help you reduce this. Early Applications are here to ensure that Delegates who have been accepted can book flights and accommodation as soon as possible and do whatever else they can to reduce their cost of attending the conference. We hope that by allowing delegate nine extra weeks of notice, they can make the conference as affordable and convenient as possible.


Who are early applications for?

Anyone can apply for early applications.


How do Early applications work?

If you submit your application before the 20th of March, you have an option to be considered in the early application pool; this means you will find out the result of your application in early April. If your early application is unsuccessful, your application will still be considered in the general application pool. If this is the case, you will find out the result of your application in early May. To be considered, in your application you must state why you have applied as an early applicant, it is crucial that you fill this out.


How many early applicants are you accepting

We do not have a hard target but somewhere between 10% and 20% of the conference capacity.


What happens if I am not accepted in Early applications?

Your application will be considered in the general applications pool with results announced in early May. As the early application is an equity-based initiative, this may not reflect on the quality of your application.


How do I apply for scholarships as an early applicant?

During your application, you will be asked if you would like to apply for a scholarship. If you indicate that you are interested, you will be emailed a form with application details once scholarship details have been finalised.


When do early applications close?

20th of March. There will be no extensions.


When will I find out about the result of my early application?

Early April.