UN Youth’s premier event returns again. Offering four days of thrilling debate, engaging guest speakers and an all round inspiring experience, NZ Model United Nations is guaranteed to provide education, excitement and, most importantly, fun. This is not an event to be missed.

Hosted at Victoria University in the heart of Wellington, NZ Model United Nations offers secondary school students the chance to experience a taste of life as a diplomat. Between workshops and simulated committees, students will given a platform to discuss important topics for the international community. In the process of debate, students will learn more both about the world and their own place within it as a global citizen. Furthermore, alongside 270 like-minded individuals, students can band together, buildings friendships, and tackling the world, one problem at a time.

You will emerge from New Zealand Model United Nations more equipped to make a difference to your world.

It will truly be an UN+Forgettable experience!

Any questions or issues please email Zhouai the Registrations Officer at zhouai.wang@unyouth.org.nz


Applications are now open for Conference Assistants until the Sunday 8th April. This role is open to anyone who is no longer attending High School and wishes to Volunteer at NZ Model UN 2018.

Applications for delegates will be opening late March. If you are a High School student and wish to attend NZ Model UN 2018, keep an eye out for when these applications open!