Committee Facilitator

As a Committee Facilitator you will be working directly with the Representatives. You will work both within the mock political parties and will also be assigned to a select committee. Select committees will cover specific areas of focus and how these will be affected by the proposed bill. In both roles you facilitate and encourage the representatives to engage with the topics, and foster diplomatic relationships with one another.


As a logistics officers you will be working both behind and in-front of the scenes as the face of the conference. You will ensure the smooth running of the event. Logistics officers are well organised people with great time management, who love to be part of a team. The logistics officers are integral to making our conference happen. Your day will range from setting up catering, helping delegates, and problem solving any unforeseen events.


Welfare officers play a crucial part in protecting the mental and physical health of our Representatives. You will be supporting both the reps and the volunteers throughout the conference. This will mean administering first aid and providing mental health support for any sensitive situations that may arise. Welfare officers are compassionate, empathetic, and hold a first aid certificate or are intending on obtaining one. Welfare officers who have experience in specific areas may be given a specialised role such as mental health or first aid.

Media Team

As a member of the media team you will be documenting and cultivating content of the event. This means, taking photos and making videos so all the Representatives and Volunteers can remember the epic time they’re going to have. We’d love to see some of your work, so be sure to submit it with your application.

Press CA

As a press CA you will be mentoring and guiding the press team. These are the Representatives who act as the media and report and hold to account the politicians as they attempt to pass their bill. You will have a genuine interest in the role the media plays in our society and how that affects our political climate.

MPI Liaison

UN Youth strives to represent New Zealand’s multicultural status. As a MPI liaison you will ensure this is accomplished by providing a cultural perspective on the conference. Equity is an important part of UN youth and we want to ensure our Maori and Pasifika representatives are as supported and motivated as all of our delegates. Please note that an MPI liaison is not a complete role. As an MPI liaison you will be required to undertake a second volunteer role.

Party Whip

Party whips manage the different parties within Parliament, and are in charge of ensuring that votes, motions, and bills pass – or fail. Party whips work to ensure full party support of decisions happening in the debating chamber, and work with other parties to ensure a united front in decision making. They also are in charge of their caucus, chairing and facilitating debate within individual parties during respective caucus times. Party whips also will acclaim the number of votes for, or against, each question put forth in the debating chamber.