The Canterbury Regional Council is taking Model UN on the road! At this year’s Nelson Model UN, delegates will be able to explore a wide range of issues affecting our society, and during the process can learn both about the future of our world and the United Nations’ role in it. All of this is done while being exposed to other politically engaged and like-minded students, in a fun but professional environment unlike any other high school events.

This year’s event is being held at Nayland College.

The theme of the conference is UN+EQUIPPED, and explores the various ways in which modern issues in society will impact the world’s political landscape, and by extension how they will impact students on the individual level.  At Nelson Model UN 2018, delegates will consider why or why not our political systems should be making a greater effort to be more forward thinking in their approaches to issues that have both immediate and long-term consequences. The conference covers a wide range of topics, including internet dependency, automation, overpopulation, antibiotic resistance, and the utilization of space. These issues will all be explored in a multifaceted and engaging conference for our delegates, while also being relatable and fun for those who attend.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Julia Gunn at julia.gunn@unyouth.org.nz