At Nelson/Marlborough Model United Nations 2019, delegates will take a large focus on the future and innovation. This theme was chosen due to its relevance to Christchurch, as a city being built for the future and the global environment. The resolutions look to prevent the potential issues that may arise as a result of the continuation of the practices of the industry, with an underlying focus on the long-term consequences. Delegates should come out of the conference with a greater understanding of, and passion for, future-proofing our society. Overall, we hope that delegates will engage with politics on a deeper level than they may have before so that they can apply this knowledge in the real world through the likes of elections or through advocacy.

This conference is perfect for all levels, whether experienced in Model United Nations or not. It is ideally targeted at students willing to broaden their understanding of global politics, and those that would like to gain experience for larger conferences such as Canterbury Model UN and national events.

For any general enquiries, please contact our Coordinator, Emma Tompkins, at emma.tompkins@unyouth.org.nz.