• GDT20: Paris-ite won an Oscar February 12, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - As we wandered on to our final city, our delegates buzzed with anticipation over the classics, the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, and the Louvre. We finally arrived and had no disappointments on this front - what awaited us was a beautiful and exciting new city to end our tour. Here are some thoughts from Continue Reading
  • GDT20: Oh Vienna! February 3, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - Vienna (not just an Ultravox hit!) has been a very enjoyable and exciting city for our delegation, as we travel north through Europe in the latter half of our tour. Here are some highlights from some of our delegates! SHANNON MCLEAN: City landmarks and highlights After the experience of the overnight train, we arrived in Continue Reading
  • GDT20: Rome Rome Rome Your Boat!! ⛵️ January 29, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - Gently downstream from London, our delegates wandered off the plane into Rome with much haste, as we quickly set off for our meeting at the World Food Programme. Our blog post for Rome is quite a lot shorter as we were only in Rome for two and a half days!  ROY CHEN: City Landmarks and Continue Reading
  • GDT20: London Calling! ☎️ January 28, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - As our Global Development Tour continues, we experience more of the great cities on our itinerary. The second of which, London, was a new favourite for many of us, despite having just touched down after a fantastic week in New York City. Our delegates once again have written a small excerpt on different aspects of Continue Reading
  • GDT20: It’s Up to You, New York! January 24, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - Our delegation has been having a wonderful time on our Global Development Tour. We are just about to jet off from London to experience Rome, and the rest of Europe. From some of our delegates in the meanwhile, however, is a collection of thoughts from our first leg of the trip, in New York. Our Continue Reading
  • GDT 2020 Off to a Literal Flying Start! January 15, 2020 by Patrick Hayes - Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of our GDT blog for 2020! We are quite literally off to a flying start, having just jetted 26 hours to get to our destination here in New York City! 22 of New Zealand’s youngest and most outstanding leaders have embarked on a month long educational tour of Continue Reading