We are thrilled to announce the UN Youth NZ Global Development Tour, an international delegation open to our high school-aged members.

This year we are continuing with the model developed last year to increase learning opportunities for youth. The Global Development Tour takes place from mid-January to mid-February 2018, and will take a group of young global citizens around Europe and to New York to learn about global development, international cooperation, and of course, the role the United Nations plays in both. The trip includes the delegation representing New Zealand at the Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition.

Interested? Keep reading and find out if the Global Development Tour is right for you.  

What is the Global Development Tour for?

The Global Development Tour shows  young New Zealanders the world through a future lens – as it could be in 2030. The Development Tour takes you to the cities leading the charge to meet the Global Sustainable Development Goals. The trip will connect you to the policy makers, businesses and NGOs  that work together in creating the future.

This is the chance for you to discover your relationship to the world around you, to challenge your preconceptions and think critically about the future that you want to be a part of.

UN Youth’s motto is to inspire Global Citizens, and this is exactly what the Global Development Tour will to do. Building on the amazing educational content that we present right here, this trip makes those educational outcomes tangible and real, by contextualising the big issues that until now you have only debated. By visiting places and people that are at the centre of these policies, the trip will inspire you to think critically and constructively about the Sustainable Development Goals – How does they work? What are their limits? What are the possibilities?  

Where do we go?

Each city represents a theme within the Sustainable Development Agenda and each stop will look at the SDGs from three different angles ; Policy, Business and Community. Our proposed cities and destinations include London, Copenhagen, Berlin,  Rome, Paris, Geneva and New York. 

While in New York, we are also going to be attending a premier Model United Nations conference, the CMUNCE, which hosts high school-aged delegates from around the world to participate in challenging and enriching debate, as well as provide delegates the unique opportunity to engage with real world diplomacy through diplomatic visits and invited committee speakers.

What kind of students are we looking for?

The Global Development Tour acts as a platform for young Global Citizens. For that reason, UN Youth are looking for young people who demonstrate the potential for making great change for the future. These are students who are driven, high-achieving and involved in their communities whilst being connected to the world around them. Diversity is an important component of how we create our delegation, and we are looking for students who come from different backgrounds and can provide different perspectives. We are aiming to build a varied and representative group to showcase the next generation of New Zealand changemakers.

This totally sounds like me! Tell me more!

Anyone who is their final year of high school in New Zealand can apply. We can consider students from year 12 if circumstances indicate they are unable to apply in their year 13. Students must be able to commit to our December Planning Weekend (2nd – 4th of December, 2017), which is our pre-departure training and preparation session.

Applications for the trip will open this Friday 9th June and close Friday 23rd June at 11:59pm. Applicants will require a cover letter, CV and two contactable references (one of which must be from a teacher).  Your personal and school references will be emailed by the GDT staff. If you know you are keen, it won’t hurt to get those ready now. Applicants should also consider being  available from the 1st – 2nd of July as this is when interviews will be held. However, we will be making some limited  times slots available for students who are unable to interview on these days. Students will be interviewed via Google Hangout and links to these sessions will be given in due course.

For any questions relating to the UN Youth New Zealand Global Development Tour, please contact the Director, Danielle Ou, danielle.ou@unyouth.org.nz.