The Diplomacy Competition is an online Model UN, run throughout the year in four rounds. It aims to develop a different skillset from our typical Model UN conferences, and allows for continued engagement throughout the year. The competition is open to all students in New Zealand in teams of between one and four. Best of all, it’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and entirely free!

The Competition takes place over four month-long rounds, each divided into phases. Each Team is randomly assigned a country and given a briefing paper and resolution on a particular topic. Teams then discuss the resolution in a forum and propose amendments. After this, amendments are voted on and a final resolution is released, on which teams write a position paper. Finally, the position papers are peer marked. This mark, along with external marking, contribute to the score used to determine winners of the Competition.

Visit our website at diplomacy.unyouth.org.nz for more information about the Competition.

Round Dates

The dates for the four rounds are as follows:

Round One 14th March – 11th April
Round Two 1st May – 29th May
Round Three 8th June – 6th July
Round Four 26th July – 23rd August


Registrations for round one have closed. Any further registrations will be automatically entered in round two.

Diplomacy Competition’s Aims


Technology provides us with a greater ability to engage with our education programme at any time, allowing flexibility around the availability of participants. We want to take advantage of technology’s levelling effect and use it as an educational tool to support the collective development of students in an online environment. By tapping into the benefits of modern technology, we hope to make Model United Nations a more frequent activity that students can be involved in regularly and all year round.


As our conferences reach capacity, potential delegates have to be turned away for logistical reasons. This competition is designed to be scalable to ensure that every student in New Zealand has the opportunity to engage with our civic education programme. We believe that Model United Nations should be for everyone and we want to bring together more groups of students, across different cultures and greater geographic distances, outside of the four main city centres. Better yet, this will all be in real time for the purposes of developing skills and gaining knowledge.

Educational Value

The Competition has been designed as a platform to facilitate a wide variety of educational content that can be tailored to meet the New Zealand schools’ curriculum. We want to increase the availability and academic relevance of the Model United Nations experience, engage more students in collaborative problem solving and foster leadership and positive engagement through the discussion and debate of the world’s most pressing problems.