DATE: 8.00AM to 5.30pm Saturday 5th September. Due to some glitches with our website, it says that Friday is also part of the event, but this is a one day event on the Saturday only.

2020 is an election year which makes it a perfect opportunity to teach our rangatahi about the electoral system and workings of New Zealand’s parliament.

Participants will be asked to consider how the electoral system can be just, democratic, and best benefit the people, through the lens of their appointed political party. This includes administrative issues such as conscience votes and overseas citizens, as well as questions of equity such as Maori seats and the rights of the severely mentally impaired.

Many aspects of New Zealand’s parliamentary process have come into public attention in recent months, including voting rights for prisoners and the salaries of public officials. Participants should be able to inform themselves on and debate these matters against the backdrop of our general election.

We hope that this event can help produce engaged and educated future voters who feel confident researching and expressing views on national affairs. 

For more information or general inquiries, please contact our Registrations Manager, Julia Welsh at julia.welsh@unyouth.org.nz.