Join us for Canterbury Model European Union 2017! This year the theme is UN+CERTAIN, the European Union’s response to the election of Donald Trump as the United States President.

Delegates will be assigned to a political party within the European Parliament to represent in debate centred around our theme: UN+CERTAIN. You will spend two days discussing and debating on the issues surrounding the United States new presidency.

Model EU offers high school students a unique look into the highly influential heart of European politics in a slightly different manner to the conventional Model UN. This conference is set to be an experience like no other so make sure to join us at this year’s Canterbury Model EU!

This event is co-hosted with the National Centre for Research on Europe and EUC Network. Applications are open to secondary/high school students.


Model EU will run from 8.30am to 5.00pm on Day 1 (7th Sept) and from 8.30am to 4.00pm on Day 2 (8th Sept). There is an optional social evening on Day 1 from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. The event is hosted at the University of Canterbury.

Registrations are now closed.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact the registrations officer, Charlotte Hollywood ([email protected]).

If you wish to enquire or apply for travel subsidies, please contact Yvonne Grosch ([email protected]).

CA Information

In order to sign up as a conference assistant, please scroll to the bottom and fill in the registration form! Note you must have a website account and be logged in to do this. Applications are open to tertiary/university students

This form needs to be filled out by the 18th of August.

Please note that Conference Assistants will not be confirmed until during the week after registrations have closed, so if you are in a different region it might be wise to hold off booking travel arrangements until then.

You will be asked to fill out some personal details and indicate a role preference. This year we have a variety of different roles for Conference Assistants. Please read the descriptions down below if you would like to find out what each role is all about.


The Logistics team helps the event run smoothly, from helping out with lunch to setting up committee rooms. If you like being organised or just like being around food a lot, this is the role for you!


The welfare of our delegates and conference assistants at this event is one of our top priorities. This includes both physical and mental welfare. If someone is feeling unwell or stressed, the welfare desk will be their first port of call, so if you’ve ever been told you’re the caring and empathetic friend, this is the role for you! Having a current first aid certificate is preferred.


We need photographers to catch our awesome delegates in action – whether this is in the middle of debate or mingling with other delegates. If you think you can take the perfect DP shot, this is the role for you!


The Chairperson is in charge of leading a committee session. They need to have a sound knowledge of the Rules of Procedure and the ability to control a room of delegates. If you think you have an authoritative voice, but won’t let the power go to your head, this is the role for you!


The Secretary keeps track of the debate participants and amendments via powerpoint, They will liaise with the Chairperson and Special Rapporteur to ensure the whole room knows what is being discussed. If you’re a good typer and good communicator this is the role for you!

Special Rapporteur

The Special Rapporteur is our expert on the topic of the committee session. They can provide expert advice to the delegates and clarify any points which are unclear. The Special Rapporteur will also work with the secretary to prioritise any proposed amendments. If you’re good at researching (i.e. know how to navigate Google) this is the role for you!

Party Group Co-Ordinator

One of the great things about Model EU is that we have a wide range of experience levels within our delegates. For some this may be their first UN Youth event whilst others may be seasoned veterans. It is a Party Group Co -Ordinator’s responsibility to help delegates understand the viewpoints and perspectives of the political party they have been allocated, as well as running activities and workshops with the group. This role can be very rewarding as you get to help a group of delegates bond, learn and watch them do well in committee sessions. If this sounds wholesome to you, this is the role for you!

Registrations are now closed.