Modern media has reshaped the world of international relations in numerous ways. From Twitter diplomacy to a stream of news sources a click away, the political world is more globalised, widely accessible, and ever-changing than ever before. In an effort to understand the effects of modern media on politics -the whirlwind that is a newsroom or the consequences of a single tweet- UN Youth Canterbury will place high school students in a situation like no other as they become representatives in a mock crisis situation as dynamic as the real world. With high pressure negotiations and workshops delegates will explore the intricacies of modern politics and diplomacy, and its relationship with the media, all in this one day event for high school students.

Conference Assistant and Delegate registrations are now closed.

If you have any questions please contact either of the coordinators, Ben O’Connell (ben.oconnell@unyouth.org.nz) or Charlotte Hollywood (charlotte.hollywood@unyouth.org.nz)