AMUN is not possible without the help of our incredible conference assistants! They underpin every aspect of the conference, working together to create a successful and enjoyable event for participants. Their enthusiasm, hard work, creativity and knowledge are what makes this conference such a memorable experience for delegates and conference assistants alike. 

Being a Conference Assistant is an incredibly rewarding experience, one where you challenge the positions of delegates and expand their perspectives, as well as make new friends and so much more! Whether you are a seasoned UN Youth volunteer or new to the organisation, we highly encourage you to apply if you are interested. There are a variety of roles to suit different strengths and interests, so please read the descriptions below and choose which volunteer role suits you.  There will be a compulsory training evening prior to the conference, as well as a function after the conference to thank all of our volunteers for attending. Join us in making Auckland Model United Nations 2020 a fantastic event!


Committee Facilitator

Each committee will be led by several committee facilitators and a chairperson. These teams will work together to create meaningful experiences for conference participants. Each committee CA team will remain with the same group of delegates throughout the conference. 

Specifically, successful committee facilitators will:

  • Get to know their committee over the weekend and create a positive environment for their delegates
  • Lead and facilitate small groups for workshops
  • Present sections of workshops
  • Act as a secretary for Model UN sessions: managing speakers lists and organising amendments
  • Support delegates in Model UN sessions to understand the topic and their country’s position on it
  • Pass notes during Model UN sessions.

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officers are the first point of contact for anyone, delegate or conference assistant, feeling unwell or unsafe. This role encompasses all aspects of Hauora: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. 

As a result, welfare officers will need a current first-aid certificate and a caring attitude and approach to sensitive situations. Experience in welfare, at UN Youth or elsewhere, is desirable as this role is an important one, requiring the ability to navigate urgent and stressful situations.

Logistics Officer

Logistics Officers are the helping hands behind the scenes that ensure the smooth running of the conference. The role is a multifaceted one: setting up rooms, preparing catering with the Assistant Coordinator and Logistics Manager, guiding lost delegates, as well as whatever else is required of you. 

Due to the large size of the conference, the ability to multitask under pressure is essential, and we are looking for individuals to take initiative when required to ensure AMUN 2020 goes to plan. This position would suit a candidate looking to learn more about UN Youth from an administrative point of view. 

Media Officer/Photographer

Media Officers capture every moment at the conference. From candid shots during lively discussions between delegates to the next display picture on your timeline, photographers are integral to the conference and its memory. Photographers will need access to, and have experience with, their preferred tools, typically a DSLR camera or equivalent. Editing skills, for both photos and videos, are desirable but not necessary.

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