The Question of Privacy and Data.

Delegates will explore concerns around privacy of citizens and how data is managed by companies and governments in this committee. A central focus will be on how to achieve a balance between allowing citizens privacy without letting terror and other illegal activities slip under the radar.

The Question of Collective Responsibility for Developing Economies.

Through the discussion of this topic, delegates will explore the great divide between the Global North and South. The pros and cons of globalisation will be discussed, as globalisation typically results in powerful, rich countries triumphing over less powerful players, while other developing countries grapple onto wealthy nations for a piece of the pie.

The Question of Decolonisation of Indigenous Minorities.

This council intends to debate on some of the more contentious issues relating to indigenous rights and self-determination of recent memory. Referring to the covenants of the UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and People’s Organisation), this committee would be focused on encouraging public discourse over some of our world’s most suppressed, through providing them a seat at the table over their people’s future.

The Question of Foreign Intervention in Domestic Conflicts.

In this committee, delegates will discuss issues relating to civil wars and the question of state sovereignty. External actors often have something to gain from civil wars, and delegates will also consider how the United Nations can respond to forced foreign intervention. 

The Question of Food Security and Changing Ecosystems.

In this committee, delegates will explore issues on how climate change will disturb ecosystems, including marine systems affected by rising sea temperatures. Potential ways to ensure food security will be considered in ways that will not further damage the environment.

The Question of Access to Healthcare.

This committee will focus on differential access to healthcare and access to quality medicines and doctors. Delegates will also tackle issues with indigenous medicines and disproportionate amounts of minority groups globally.