Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2020 volunteer applications have now CLOSED.


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Aotearoa Youth Declaration cannot happen without the help of our conference assistants! They underpin every aspect of the conference, working together to create a successful and enjoyable event for participants. Their enthusiasm, hard work, creativity, and knowledge are what makes Aotearoa Youth Declaration such a memorable experience. This year, the conference will be larger than ever, presenting over 70 conference call assistant positions. Being a conference assistant at Aotearoa Youth Declaration is an incredibly rewarding experience, one where people get to help out others, expand their perspective, make new friends, and so much more. Whether you are a seasoned volunteer or new to UN Youth. If any of this interests you have a read of the volunteer roles we have avaliable down below and apply in here:


Rōpū Facilitator

Rōpū facilitators are the primary educational role at Aotearoa Youth Declaration, they are the volunteers that differentiate AYD from the traditional UN Youth event. Rōpū facilitators have a comprehensive knowledge of their respective Rōpū topics as well as being able to facilitate an engaging and safe environment for everyone at the conference. Rōpū facilitator can balance their role as an educator while emphasizing the participants’ autonomy over the declaration and providing an impartial perspective when required.


Welfare Officers

Welfare officers are the first point of contact for any participant or volunteer. Whether you want to talk to someone about your physical, mental or spiritual well being, welfare officers are the go-to person. Welfare officers are vital to the function of AYD and help create a safe and positive environment for everyone at the event. The welfare team is first aid certified and come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. Most importantly, welfare officers are mature, caring and able to put themselves into the shoes of the people around them.


Logistics Officer

Logistics officers are the volunteers that hold the whole conference together. They are those working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the conference. A logistics officer’s role is multifaceted and is vital to the operation of the event. Logistics officers can think on their feet to tackle ever-changing challenges. The ability to follow precise instructions and multitask under stress are essential to a logistics officer.


Media Officer

Media officers capture and document memories and moments at the conference. From snapping candid shots during a heated discussion to editing footage for the closing ceremony, media officers are crucial to our promotion effort. We are seeking photographers and videographers and everything in between. Media officers will need access to, and experience with, their preferred gear and equipment, typically a DSLR camera or equivalent. Editing skills are also essential.


MPI Liaison 

Aotearoa Youth Declaration values inclusion and diversity. Unfortunately, representation is still something we need to work on. Help us do that as an MPI Liaison. Check-in with underrepresented youth, including those from Kura Kaupapa Maori, get to know them and help make their time at the conference as enjoyable as possible. The role is a relatively new one, having only been created in 2016 in response to Kura students not fully engaging in a primarily Pakeha conference. As such, MPI Liaisons will have greater leeway and freedom to explore and discover best practices. Nevertheless, qualities like empathy, openness, cultural sensitivity, and a warm personality are still vital to the role.


LGBTQ+ Liaison

The role of the LGBTQ+ Liaison is to provide dedicated and specific support to LGBTQ+ rangitahi attending Aotearoa Youth Declaration. As we are trying to make Aotearoa Youth Declaration more inclusive, we felt it was important to include a position specifically to support LGBTQ youth at the conference so that LGBTQ+ students have a point of contact for any concerns and issues they encounter. While often the MPI liaison works with a large group of participants to create a community, the LGBTQ+ liaison will be working on a more individual basis, as an ally and safe space as required. By having liaisons whose main role is to provide the support to LGBTQ+ rangitahi we hope this will help to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for rangitahi to engage and get the most out of the conference. We are looking for people who have experience with leadership and mentoring youth, who are open and welcoming to all forms of gender and sexuality expression, and who have a connection to the LGBTQ+ community. Having experience or training in youth work or mental health issues is a benefit.


Regional Delegation Team 

Regional Delegation is an important part of the conference and allows Aotearoa Youth Declaration to become a more accessible event. Due to the conference being held in Auckland, students have to travel from all over the country and some choose to stay with the regional delegation. All meals, accommodation, and transportation is arranged, giving the participants a safe way to experience and explore a new city. As a member of the Regional Delegation Team, you take care of the delegates from the end of the day until they head back to the event the next morning and so you will also stay in the same accommodation as the delegates. Participants in an unfamiliar city can face a range of problems, from homesickness and feeling lonely to dietary or medical issues, as a member of the Regional Delegation team you are the first point of contact for these delegates and are vital to their well being. Applicants interested in this role would need a great deal of maturity, a sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills, and most of all, be approachable. An ability to work calmly under stressful situations is fundamental to this role. The regional delegation team would be ultimately responsible for the wellbeing and welfare of everyone under their watch.


If you have any questions regarding the conference or any specific role, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel, the Registrations Officer at daniel.ji@unyouth.org.nz


If you think that you can contribute in some other way not outlined above, feel free to reach out and we will be happy to discuss that with you.


We look forward to reading your application! Good luck!

Aotearoa Youth Declaration