Jayden van Leeuwen
National President


Key information and events:

UN Youth New Zealand
Number of Volunteers: ~150
Number of Members: ~4000

Aotearoa Youth Declaration
Number of student participants: 220
Number of volunteer facilitators: ~60
Venue: University of Auckland
This event is related to New Zealand Government Policy.
This event produces a document of the students’ to be presented to Government. This is called the “Youth Declaration“.
This document is not called the “UN Youth Declaration”.
This event isĀ not related to the United Nations.

NZ Model UN
Number of student participants: 280
Number of volunteer facilitators: ~75
Venue: Victoria University of Wellington
This event is related to International relations and the UN.
The official opening is held at parliament and attended by diplomats.
Embassies offer scholarships to many students to attend and represent their country.