Our Alumni can be found across the globe. Among their ranks are Rhodes scholars, Supreme Court clerks, and young professionals working in business, not-for-profits, ministries, High Commissions and even the United Nations.


We value the support of our Alumni and would love to stay in touch. If you are an Alumnus and would like to get or stay in touch with us, you can do this by being added to our mailing list for quarterly newsletters by joining our Alumni Facebook Group or joining our Alumni Linkedin Page.


You can now donate money towards scholarships or the general long-term future of the organisation through our new online platform at https://youthglobalawarenesstrust.nz/.

In 2019, UN Youth turned 20 and we had a celebration with current and past UN Youth participants/Volunteers! Check out all of the details here.


The New Zealand Youth Global Awareness Trust was established to secure the long-term future of the organisation, providing a vehicle for fundraising, investment, receipt of charitable donations and organisational support. The current members of the Trust Board are mostly UN Youth Alumni but outstanding leaders from outside the organisation are encouraged to join. Becoming a member of the Trust Board provides valuable and meaningful experience for young professionals that can otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

For more information about the trust, please contact the current Trust Board Chairperson, Andrew Chen at andrew.chen@unyouth.org.nz.