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Anyone who is aged between 13 and 25 – you don't have to be at school – or is a full-time tertiary student (of any age) can join UN Youth.
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As per our Event Terms & Conditions, we require the details of a parent, legal guardian or emergency contact. In the event of an emergency at one of our events or programmes, UN Youth will communicate with your alternative contact. You can update this contact at any time and you can change it for each event you attend.

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You don't have to provide the following details about you to us, but it helps with our reporting and demographic information and ensures we can provide the best educational programmes and events for you.

UN Youth seeks to ensure that our events and programmes are accessible to everyone. We may contact you to clarify how we may best accommodate your needs. Please be assured that this information is not taken into consideration when evaluating your responses in an application to attend any of our events or programmes.