Our volunteers are the lifeblood of UN Youth. UN Youth is committed to creating positive volunteering experiences and making the organisation a place that our volunteers truly deserve to be working for. To this end, we have established six core values which aim to guide volunteer interactions with each other and contribute towards a positive organisational culture.

Health and Wellbeing

Before considering our core values, it should be noted that our number one priority as being health and wellbeing. UN Youth implements rigorous welfare policies to protect the safety and health of our participants. Similarly, volunteers have a responsibility to, first and foremost, look after themselves and look after each other.


Respect: Respecting each other underpins all volunteer interactions within UN Youth. It helps us build rapport and creates an environment where people feel valued and trusted.

Open Communication: By communicating openly, volunteers create an organisation that fosters mutual understanding, which helps resolve tension and conflict. This results in stronger working relationships and more tight-knit teams.

Collaboration: We focus on collaboration as a way to increase effective idea generation and break down siloes within the organisation. This makes UN Youth a more cohesive and supportive organisation, with a strong sense of community.

Positivity: This involves recognising and supporting our volunteers and the things they do. By promoting positivity, we make volunteering more enjoyable and become better ambassadors for UN Youth.

Inclusion: Being an inclusive organisation allows us to attract and retain new volunteers better and brings diversity of ideas and perspectives. UN Youth aims to do everything it can to be a safe space for all people to share their opinions and exchange thoughts.

Development: The development of our volunteers is a priority as it increases retention and promotes the passing down of knowledge and expertise. When our volunteers can do more, they are more fulfilled and UN Youth can achieve more.