Following a Special General Meeting (SGM) of UN Youth on 2 July 2019, the members of the organisation passed a resolution to adopt a new constitution. This new constitution reforms the governance structure of UN Youth, with a Board of Directors set to assume the governance responsibilities previously held by National Council on 1 January 2020.

The Board is made up of five Ordinary Directors, a Volunteer’s Representative and the National President of UN Youth for the time being. Originally appointed in August 2019, the Board spent the last four months of 2019 preparing the necessary documents and processes for the new governance structure. As at 12.00am, 1 January 2020, the Board has assumed its role as the governance body of UN Youth.

As the governing body of UN Youth, the Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring that key goals and targets are met, as well as exercising oversight functions in respect of finance, risk and compliance. The main way that the Board governs is through the Strategic Plan, and the National Policy Manual, which contains UN Youth’s high level policies.

Jonathan Gee Chairperson
Mark Howard National President
Danyon Thomas Ordinary (Independent) Director
Amelia Lamb Ordinary Director
Jason Guan Ordinary Director
Madi Keay Ordinary (Independent) Director
Ishan Kokulan Volunteers Representative


Board Meetings

Board meetings are scheduled to take place on the final Sunday of each month. Any member of UN Youth may attend a meeting of the board, however, Members will only have speaking rights at Board Meetings when recognised by the Chairperson of the Board. Please contact James Sutherland at if you wish to attend a Board Meeting.