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UN Youth New Zealand is a non-profit organisation that provides civics education outside the traditional classroom context. Through fun workshops, conferences, Model UN, and outreach events, we engage high school and tertiary students in the most pressing affairs of their country and the international community. Our goal is to inspire young New Zealanders to be global citizens in the rapidly globalising world of today. Global citizenship exists in an incredibly diverse range of forms, and UN Youth hopes to provide the opportunities for all young people to be the global citizen that they aspire to be. 

Throughout Aotearoa, our work equips young people to become informed, engaged, and critical New Zealanders who understand their global context and the connections between the local and the global. Our organisation provides young people with the necessary educational and social skills to excel. Annually, over 3000 young New Zealanders from Northland to Southland attend a UN Youth event.

UN Youth hosts three conferences nationally each year drawing together hundreds of students from across the country. One of the conferences looks at solving problems in the community and government policy, the second considers international affairs and diplomacy, and the last aims to engage young New Zealanders in politics and democracy. An online Diplomacy Competition is also available for all high school students across New Zealand to help them further develop their understanding of these issues.

We also lead three annual international trips for high school students — a study tour through Europe and the United States, a cultural exchange trip to Australia and the Pacific, and a small delegation to the Evatt Competition run by UN Youth Australia. For tertiary students, we run a trip to the Harvard National Model UN in the United States, and a trip around South East Asia focused on globalisation.

UN Youth is powered by a body of 150 volunteers across the country who dedicate many hours of their week to engaging young people and growing the organisation.

Key Policies and Documents

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National Constitution

National Protocols

National Welfare Protocols



In accordance with clause 12.2 of the Constitution, notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting of the United Nations Association of New Zealand (United Nations Youth Association of New Zealand Branch) Incorporated (UN Youth).  In accordance with clause 12.1.1, the SGM has been requested by two National Council Voting Members, namely the National Executive, and Canterbury.

The purpose of the SGM is:

  • To consider the proposed constitutional amendments which are proposed by Jayden van Leeuwen and seconded by Henry Seaton, namely the attached Special Resolution of UN Youth, in order to repeal and replace the Constitution of UN Youth, and enact certain transitory measures – please find the materials in this Drive folder.

The SGM will take place at 3pm on 2 July 2019, in room RHMZ01, Rutherford House, Pipitea Campus, Victoria University of Wellington. In the aforementioned Drive folder, you will also find additional useful information regarding the proposal.

Voting at the SGM is open to those members of UN Youth who are eligible to vote under clause 11.4 of the current Constitution. In cases of ambiguity as to an individual’s eligibility to vote, the Returning Officer will make a determination.

Information regarding proxy voting will be announced soon, and the proxy voting form made available on 25 June 2019. Proxy voting forms will be required to be returned to the Returning Officer by 5pm 1 July 2019.

Any questions regarding voting should be directed to the Returning Officer, Seraphina Koo, at operations@unyouth.org.nz.

Any questions regarding the SGM itself, or the proposed special resolution should be directed to the Chairperson of the SGM, Jayden van Leeuwen, at president@unyouth.org.nz.