GDT20: Rome Rome Rome Your Boat!! ⛵️

Gently downstream from London, our delegates wandered off the plane into Rome with much haste, as we quickly set off for our meeting at the World Food Programme. Our blog post for Rome is quite a lot shorter as we were only in Rome for two and a half days! 

ROY CHEN: City Landmarks and Non-Educational Meetings

The heritage of the city of Rome was something that all members of the delegation enjoyed. It’s amazing how they built the Flavian Amphitheatre, the Colosseum, just for the movie Gladiator starring Russell Crowe. But in all seriousness, the views of and from this ancient equivalent of a Football Stadium were awe-inspiring and thinking about all the history-defining events that took place in the soil of Palatine Hill and the Forum as we stood in it was truly a reflection for us on the brief flashes of time that we inhabit. 

They say that if you toss a coin backwards into the Trevi Fountain, your destiny will lead you back to Rome, as all roads tend to. But with just the right technique, I can verify this to be true as I managed to find my way back to this location after about a year since I was on a Choir Tour. Finally, the Vatican was a wonder to behold as we not only saw the HQ of the biggest religious organization in the world but a pleasantly surprising spotting of the CEO himself, Pope Francis. All in all, the delegation got time to appreciate the phrase “When in Rome”.

MAIA INGOE: Educational Meetings, and what’s next

No sooner had we stepped out of the plane onto Italian ground than were we rushing through our tight turnaround to get to our first and only meeting in Rome, with the World Food Programme (WFP). Being in the ancient city for the weekend meant we were lucky enough to squeeze in this meeting on the afternoon of our arrival. We went straight to the WFP HQ where we met with Frances, a kiwi communications Officer for the WFP. We talked about the world food programmes work in addressing world hunger, as well as their extensive work in climate action and data analysis. It was a meeting we all were looking forward to and it certainly answered many questions and gave us many more things to research. 

The next city on our agenda is the dreamy Vienna, capital of Austria. After an overnight train ride tonight we will have arrived in the city of musical legends such as Mozart and Beethoven, also known as the city of dreams thanks to psychotherapy. We are looking forward to meeting with Smart City Vienna and touring Aspern, both of which are sure to offer amazing insight into sustainable development, in particular Goal 13: Climate Action, our goal for Vienna.