Who Wore It Best? Make It Work, Delegates!

On day two, the media team decided to run a Project MUN+WAY story. We got so many awesome photos that we just HAD to chuck some up on here. Be on the lookout for the photographers for the next two days, Project MUN+WAY could make a return!


Fatima brought a burst of much needed colour to the conference, sunshine on a cloudy (and cold and rainy and very very windy) day, if you will.


Such casual, much candid. Jason showing off his matching belt, watch strap and shoes, dressed to impress.


Gina looking slightly candid and totally ecstastic to be at the conference, just what we want in a delegate.


On Wednesdays, we wear pink. David, Jason and Stewart got some bonus points for the quiz by actually wearing pink Wednesdays, something that most people seemed to forget about.